Who I Am

Lizzy Andretta is an actress, singer, dancer, geek and Aspie.whoiamsepia

She first started acting at the age of seven when her parents cast her as an Oompa-Loompa in a production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (not nepotism, I swear). Since then she has continued acting, singing and dancing, earning her Bachelor of Science in Theatre from Skidmore College and her Masters in Acting from the East 15 Acting School in England.

Since she was a child, Lizzy always had a hard time fitting in and interacting with her peers. Her parents suspected something was off and decided to seek professional advice as to what could be the issue. What followed was many years of sessions with different doctors that resulted in several varying diagnoses and a few proposed coping strategies. While some helped a bit, something still seemed off. Although academics seemed easier, Lizzy found it even harder to navigate her life and relationships.

Finally, after twenty years, Lizzy was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome. While this news was confusing (even more so since it came when she was in the middle of college), it was also something of a relief to know that there was a reason she had had such a hard time dealing with people throughout her life. Since the diagnosis, Lizzy has made steps towards improving her relationships with both her family and friends, who have given her all their love and support along the way.

Recently, Lizzy decided to take a long standing goal of hers-that of starting a blog-and use it to chronicle her journey of trying to understand what makes her tic both as an Aspie and as an actress.