Adventures in North Carolina

​I’m back!

So, last weekend I went to the Outdoor Theatre Combined Auditions in North Carolina. Apart from having to wake up at 3am to make sure I got to the airport early in case something went wrong (I’m paranoid like that), I had a nice time and a good trip. My hotel room wasn’t dirty or too small (the only complaint I had was that the bed made sleeping a chore) and there was a nice little bistro in the lobby that served food and wine, so suffice it to say I definitely broke my diet. But enough about my leisure time, the real reason I went down to NC was to audition and make an impression and in that regard I had a good time as well. Not to toot my own horn (although if you had a horn like mine, you’d toot it as often as you could too) but for the first time in a while I felt like I was actually being the character instead of ACTING (basically the complete opposite of my previous post). In addition, I felt great, wearing a nice dress and some kick ass heels (always a must for any audition). Plus, I felt very confident with my material, both of which (my monologue and song) were great fits which perfectly reflected my skills, as well as being appropriate to me as a performer (something a few of the other performers didn’t do). For my monologue, I did a piece from a play called Collapse by Allison Moore, which showed off the manic “I’m on the verge of going crazy and breaking down in front of you thing that for some reason I do really well.” As for my song, I did a really short piece of “I Don’t Know How to Love Him” from Sir Andrew Lloyd Webbers early effort, Jesus Christ Superstar (side note: one girl who was in my audition group asked what show my song was from, and when i told her she said she didn’t know it). While some might say I look a little old to be singing the song, I don’t care, since it fits perfectly with my voice. Because of all this, I believe that I stood out and did quite well in my audition. However, I will admit that there is perhaps another reason why I might have stood out, that reason being that I was one of the older performers at the audition, which was mostly populated by fresh faced college students. While I didn’t break any rules and there was no decree that anyone over the age of 21 was not welcome,  I guess this is the kind of event mostly meant for performers still in the school environment (and who have their parents to pay for anything they need, lucky bastards). But there I was, in all my over 25 glory, just being me.

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Lizzy Andretta is an actress originally from New Jersey who is now based in Minnesota. She blogs about being an Aspie and other subjects stemming from said topic. You can follow her acting work at

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